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VMware: Networking, Transformation, and Cultural Shift

Organizations embarking on a digital transformation journey are realizing that it requires not only technology change but also people and process change. Interestingly enough, the technology transformation may be the easiest of the three, due to the current state of networking.

For most organizations, networking is still hardware-oriented, so changing a network service is traditionally a matter of reconfiguring a router or installing and configuring a new piece of hardware. This is how networking has worked for decades. But according to Bruce Davie, this current way of thinking about networking needs to change for organizations to successfully move to a virtualized networking environment.

A Software Approach

Davie says what organizations need to do is think about networking as a “set of capabilities” that can be deployed wherever the applications run, on whatever infrastructure or development environment is being used. “It’s a software-oriented approach to networking,” Davie says. And because of that, he continues, “there’s a combination of things that have to change.”

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