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Taiwan's Latest Hotel Has Decked-Out Gaming Rigs in Every Room – Geek

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I recently got back from a long vacation. Probably the first one in my adult life. It was amazing. I camped on beaches, saw some redwoods, had a time. I also played zero video games. That was, in part, because I play them for a living, and also because it’s something that I can pretty much any time. When I want to go somewhere, I want to see what’s there. Watch sunsets, standard crap.

If you are a hardcore gamer that wants to shoot up some digital dudes (and you don’t already have your own gaming notebook), then you might consider a stay at Taiwan’s i hotel.

Rooms here come with two top-end gaming rigs, an extra-wide desk, DXRacer gaming chairs and, of course, all the standard hotel amenities. You’ll get a floofy bed, stellar lighting, and giant windows to look out at the Taiwanese skyline… assuming your eyes aren’t glued to the screen. Each room is $100 a night, too, which isn’t too shabby considering what many hotels cost a fair bit more and without a 4K-ready, 1080ti-powered battle station. If you’re more the LAN type, i hotel’s lobby has a dozen more ASUS Republic of Gamers-branded machines arranged two opposing banks that form a semi-circle.

The set-up is designed for eSports and gaming fanatics with every conceivable feature and amenity geared towards the nerdiest of the nerds. When the elevator arrives at your floor, it doesn’t let out a pleasant chime. Instead it plays a shortened rendition of the Imperial March from Star Wars, perhaps getting a little too literal with the “battle station” theme.

This looks like it’s a blast if that’s your jam. The hotel doubles as an internet café, of sorts, with hourly rates for those not looking to stay the whole night, so if you’re in Taiwan and want to check out the latest games or brush up on your League skills, check it out.

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