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Netflix adds HDR support for iPhone X and iPad Pro

Netflix already streams HDR video on the new Apple TV 4K, so it only makes sense for the company to add support for Apple’s HDR-ready iOS devices as well. The latest update for Netflix’s app does just that, so you’ll be able to watch movies and TV shows with high …

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus review: the default option

I was at a party the other night with several people who knew I’d just been to Apple’s annual iPhone launch event. After asking me tons of questions about the new Apple Park campus, they of course asked about the new iPhone — by which all of them meant the …

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How long should a $999 iPhone last?

I usually spend about $ 1,300 on a new computer, and I usually expect it to stay in good shape for about four years — if not more. So if I’m spending over $ 1,000 on an iPhone, how long should I expect to use it for? Smartphones have never …

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The iPhone X’s notch is basically a Kinect

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how fast technology is moving. “We put a man on the moon using the computing power of a handheld calculator,” as Richard Hendricks reminds us in Silicon Valley. In 2017, I use my pocket supercomputer of a phone to tweet with brands. But Apple’s …

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The iPhone X from an Android user’s perspective

It’s been almost a year since the Google Pixel made me put down my iPhone and transformed me from a Google apps user on Apple hardware to a pure Google acolyte. In the grand tug of war between mobile religions, I’m now pulled in the direction of Android, and I …

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The iPhone X may be very difficult to buy until 2018

If you’re eager to put down $ 1,000 or more for Apple’s new bezel-less, OLED-equipped iPhone X, you’ll probably want to be awake and ready at the company’s preorder page come October 27th. As tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explained in a note with KGI Securities, reported today by MacRumors, Apple’s …

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