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Google Wifi brings cheaper mesh system to Singapore, Hong Kong … – CNET


Josh Miller/CNET

Apartments in Singapore and Hong Kong tend to be small but their thick concrete walls aren’t good for Wi-Fi signals. So the recent arrival of home mesh Wi-Fi systems has been a godsend.

Following the availability of systems such as Netgear Orbi and Linksys Velop, Google’s cheaper Wifi system is now available in both sunny Singapore and busy Hong Kong.

The system is exclusive to people who sign up with Singapore carrier Starhub and Hong Kong’s HKT. The carrier tie-ups mean users won’t be able to get Google Wifi off the shelf or through the company’s online store, which is a shame as users from both countries are likely to want a cheap but good Wi-Fi mesh system. 

Mesh systems use boxes throughout a house to ensure the signal reaches every room.

Besides mesh connectivity, Google Wifi also lets parents keep their kids off of the internet during certain time periods. It also comes with automatic security updates. Be sure to read CNET’s review to get the full lowdown. And keep checking CNET for details on rollouts to other Asian countries.

Update, Aug. 30: This post has been updated with information about availability in Hong Kong.

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