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TransUnion Beefs Up Cybersecurity Lobbying –

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email TransUnion, the credit reporting competitor to Equifax, has brought on a team of cybersecurity-focused lobbyists in Washington, D.C, reported Recode. Citing a federal ethics disclosure filing, Recode reported that while TransUnion didn’t specify the political focus of the lobbyists, they will focus on …

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Google has reportedly found Russia-linked ads on YouTube, Gmail, and search

Google has found evidence that a Russian government campaign used the company’s platforms to spread propaganda, according to a new report from The Washington Post. The report follows investigations from Facebook and Twitter that uncovered similar ads, apparently designed to influence Americans around the time of the 2016 election. Google’s …

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What does the future hold for the futures of Black Mirror?

Black Mirrorcreator Charlie Brooker is flattered that fans of his show are thinking of him whenever they track him down to point out how frightening technology is to them, but he’s getting tired of hearing it. At New York’s Paley Fest over the weekend, he told an audience how Black …

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