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Apple's iPhone 10 Year Anniversary | Fortune.com – Fortune

The design for the device that would revolutionize mobile phones and, eventually, the culture at large, arose from hatred. When considering whether to create the iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs found that people largely despised the phones that they had. “Everybody has a cell phone, but I don’t know one …

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Which iPhone upgrade program is the best? – 9to5Mac

While Apple has a relatively small number of iPhone variants to choose from compared to many smartphone manufacturers, the amount of ways to buy an iPhone can be overwhelming. With most carriers in the U.S. moving away from two-year contracts and subsidized devices, full-price or installment plans are the primary ways to purchase an …

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New Apple Ads Explain Why You Should Get an iPhone – PCMag

A new series of 15-second clips depicts the iPhone’s strengths over Android. They’re eerily familiar to anyone who remembers the Get a Mac campaign. If you happened to be browsing Apple’s YouTube channel on Monday afternoon, you’d be forgiven for checking your calendar to make sure it wasn’t May 2006, …

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